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Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world. Pass mouse over dot. . Fitzpatrick, F.A., Peppler,M.C., DePhilip, M.M. Lake Superior fishing reports Updates for fishing conditions in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior. // --> It’s common to fish water 20-50 feet deep when targeting Splake, whereas Lake Trout are usually found in 70-170 feet of water in late January. [130 MB pdf file], Groundwater Report Lake Superior North Watershed. Join us for a relaxing scenic cruise or fishing trip aboard Tofte Charters on Lake Superior. This Spring begins my twenty-fifth year of logging my Lake Superior fishing trips around Marquette, located in the north central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. CONDITIONS Partly Sunny. In fact, it's so large that it could hold the water from all of the other Great Lakes, along with three more Lake Eries! Joe P.S. There are also good opportunities to catch steelhead, lake trout, pink salmon, lake whitefish and coaster brook trout! [ 435 KB pdf file ], Sucker Series Fact Sheet 3: Water Runoff and Construction What a fall and winter. Staggering waterfalls and canyons make the North Shore a destination for not only fishing, but recreation of all kinds. [ 383 KB pdf file ], More info is available from South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District. var second = 'il'; Along the north shore of Minnesota is the great Lake Superior, and with so many other rivers and lakes to choose from, the question will not be if you are taking your next vacation here, but when! var address = 'joe'; I've started this but have lots to do yet before publishing. See a MDNR graph of fish caught since 1988 and the catch rate. Wind and snow. Lake Superior Streams Sediment Stressor Investigation. Watch the Sawtooth Mountain range and the Superior National Forest slide slowly by as we troll along the rugged North Shore. You can fish Lake Superior, it’s tributaries or inland lakes and streams. I usually update my reports after each trip. Our Lake Superior Steelhead are of the same family of fish as the Pacific Coast Steelhead (oncorhynchus mykiss); the names simply categorize the fish by the lifestyle.The name, rainbow trout, most likely derived from the pinkish stripe on both lateral sides, refers to a non-migratory fish which never leaves its home waters. var third = 'to:'; var domain = 'superiorfishing.net?subject=Joe's Lake Superior Fishing Site-Home Page'; These parks are just forty minutes apart on the northeastern shore between Sault Ste. document.write('Click here to send me email <\/a>'); See all other Duluth Region Lake Areas. Park staff who fish Superior’s north shore recommend two in particular: Pancake Bay and Lake Superior Provincial Parks. But asked any seasoned fisherman and you will find out the most famous amongst the fish species is the Rainbow Trout. Sucker Series Fact Sheet 1: Introduction to Your Watershed Check out the log! Hansen, B., Hall, L., Lenhart, C., Nieber, J., and K. Gran. Lahti, L., Hansen, B., Nieber, J., and J. Magner. My hazardous experience with a SeaChoice water/fuel separator. When visiting the sites below, look closely at the time, date, and location. Lake Superior ice fishing is a major attraction for those who don’t shy away from the cold. Weather dedicated to the City of Marquette from NWS and sensors located in town. [ 267 KB pdf file ]. Fishing for the Rainbow trout while fishing the North Shore of Lake Superior. The summer creel survey provides estimates of angling pressure, harvest, and catch rates along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Compliments are also welcomed. Oh, finally published an article on the hooking mortality study. People came from near and far to fill their containers, sometimes as large as 55 gallons, and stock tanks. I post the latest newsletter as soon as it's received. The Land of 10,000 lakes has something for every fisher! MOON PHASE (63%) Waning Gibbous. document.write(first+second+third); Lake Superior Salmon And Trout Fishing has 5,251 members. [ 353 KB pdf file ], Sucker Series Fact Sheet 2: Role of Forests Randy and Julie with their smallmouth bass. document.write('" title="Email Joe">'); Lake Superior Salmon and Trout Thousands of spawning fish will soon ascend North Shore Rivers! Stewart Creek, Lenroot Creek, Knowlton Creek, Kingsbury Creek, 62nd Avenue Creek, Keene Creek, Merritt Creek, Miller Geomorphic Characteristics and Classification of Duluth-Area Streams, Minnesota. And drinking a couple beers seemed to help the fish start biting! Join us as we head offshore in April to target Lake Superior lake trout! I ask that all members share reports … document.write(first+second+third); by Erich Hartmann Now that September is here our rivers and streams will soon come to life with salmon and trout. Hopefully in 2019. Each year I've recapped my fishing trips to share with you. Karl S. fished with Lake Superior Hatteras Fishing on July 23, 2019 Just remember your sweatshirt in the morning. The most popular fish targeted by shore fishermen are Kamloops rainbow trout (also called “loopers”), steelhead, and Coho salmon. Historic day for me- I hit 473 blood donations last year, mostly giving platelets. document.write('Click here to send me email <\/a>'); [5 MB pdf file], Lake Superior Streams Sediment Assessment: Phase I. Report to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. See fish descriptions and a few tips on catching below. The survey focuses mainly on Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Coho Salmon. document.write(' 20 streams including, from West to East: Mission Creek, Sargent Creek, U.S. Steel Creek, Morgan Park, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. AIR TEMP 61° - 65° F. ANGLER X User since 1/25/13 Did you know there are parks along Lake Superior’s eastern shore with great salmon fishing? Complete make-over of my home page. [ Website ]. Don't know where wave data comes from. Lake Superior North Shore Real Estate in the Duluth Region covers lakefront properties on Lake Superior up to about Silver Bay, Minnesota, along with waterfront homes, cabins and lots on the rivers along the North Shore. Call 651-296-6157 or 888-MINNDNR (646-6367) Email us: [email protected] Sign up … The stable temperatures that we’ve seen so far, paired with southeast winds that have managed to figure their way into the November fishing equation has made what was a good situation even better for anglers on the Northshore. document.write(domain); This site informs, educates, and enlightens veteran and new-comers alike to our spectacular fishery. Sucker River Watershed Map Buoy 45171 showing data, including wave height. If you’re old enough to remember the old days of the smelt run, it was a wild event on the North Shore rivers and streams on Superior. Welcome to Joe's Lake Superior Fishing Web Site. Fishing Lake Superior from shore Catching Big Trout-Browns and Splake - Duration: 2:15. document.write('@'); Water temperatures remain on the higher side, running 72- to 78-degrees depending on where you are fishing. This group is for sharing Fishing reports, tips, techniques, news, weather, and other information that might be useful to anglers on the greatest of the Great Lakes and its tributaries. // --> Some sites are notoriously not current. Here … Fishing Lake Superior. document.write('" title="Email Joe">'); The Lake Superior serves as a natural habitat to a wide variety of the fish species. Lake trout trolling picks up in the Lake proper from Superior to Saxon and the Apostle Islands. More pictures and of higher quality, but I think that's improved. Almanac data handy. Lake Superior is giving up some nice fish. Rivers and streams are also high but all area waters should return to normal in a few days. Not! And with all that water - comes good fishing. The favorable conditions that anglers have been seeing this fall on the Northshore continue to improve as we wind our way through November. Not one of my better years for a number of reasons. Lake Superior fishing report. Please document.write(address); The anadromous (lake-run) fish have already begun to enter some area rivers, namely Wisconsin's Bois Brule. Inside scoop on what's happening in Marquette - Brian Cabell. There are many species of fish in Lake Superior that you can catch from shore. Creek, Buckingham Creek, Coffee Creek, Brewery Creek, Greys Creek, Chester Creek, Tischer Creek, 34th to 50th Ave. Creeks, Lake Superior fishing, I got a call back in July to go out to the Largest Great Lake to do some Lake Trout Fishing, and from my past experience I couldn’t say no !! You are visitor number 1,000,003 (just kidding). Thank you for following me on my Lake Superior fishing journeys. Season over. Other features on my web site are where I cover several topics, including the Central UP Sport Fishing Association, Marquette American Legion Post 44 happenings, and Marquette Area Veterans Memorial events. The north shore water fared very well with no major tidal surge but another push of salty water Speckle trout had already been showing up in the surrounding marshes and rigs of Lake Borne. Sorry,wasn't put in 2018. Another location and group of people recreating on the North Shore are now being called out for harmful and in some instances illegal activity: anglers on Lake Superior. FISHING REPORT. The Heith Gagnon 1,813 views Loaded with fishing reports, tactics, photos, data and much more. Neat site but if the wind reading source is near the CG station, I would have little faith in their accuracy.

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