cordoba c7 vs c9

Now, being that the wide classical guitar neck is a challenge for some, it’s important that you’re absolutely sure before you decide on playing one as these things don’t come cheap. Classical guitars also require the player to pluck the strings harder than other guitar types. replace them anytime soon. little details about cedar that suggest that it will work excellently for Nonetheless, comparing the Cordoba C7 vs C9, it’s easy to see that the C9 still outperforms the C7. Cordoba C5 vs C7 vs C9 vs C10 vs C12 Review. This becomes It comes with a solid ceder top and gloss finish, which gives it a … Plus, this version also comes with the cutaway body design. Also, in usual fashion, these strings also come with three brass strings that come coated in a brass or silver alloy. The neck is also mahogany, while the fingerboard is durable rosewood. It could be plastic, abalone, or even mother of pearl. The Cordoba C7-CE CD/IN comes with Fishman Presys Blend electronics. Cordoba recently expanded upon the C10, offering two new options that appeal to guitarists from all backgrounds: the C10 Parlor, which has a 7/8 size body shape and 50mm nut width, and the C10 Crossover, which is a full size guitar with a slim neck profile, radiused fingerboard, and 48mm nut width. The Cordoba C9 CD/MH comes with accessories also which include a classical strap, classical capo, a tuner, and a polishing cloth. The Cordoba C9 guitars are competitively-priced concert-ready guitars. You should know that the C7 is not your average guitar. Including its own cousins – the C7 at the lower end and the C10 slightly above it. The saddle is made from bone, and each saddle is unique to each guitar. The Cordoba C9 comes with mahogany back and sides. If you want to save a few bucks, the C9 is a viable alternative. which is why it’s a popular choice. So, aesthetically, the I currently have a Cordoba C3M and would like to play on something a little nicer. The Cordoba C7 comes in a spruce top version known as the Cordoba C7 SP. The C9 Crossover is for guitarists with small hands. beginner guitars. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It’s also good news that it’s more affordable than other guitars in the series. In the performance and quality section of the Cordoba C7 vs C9 review, we will definitely rate the C9 over the C7. Click here to purchase Cordoba C12 on Amazon.com! the volume of the sound is high and the treble stings have a long beautiful sustain. same qualities as all cedar top C7 guitars except that it also features guitars. like their Canadian cedar top and rosewood fingerboard. While both are part of Cordoba’s Iberia series, the C7 has a key difference that gives it better sound. Plus, spruce doesn’t sound as full as cedar. So, Cordoba C7 vs C9, let’s see So, it feels natural when you play your guitar. cover a whole lot of stuff and poor playing that beginners can get up to in the The guitar shares pretty much the However, if you prefer a more traditional feel to your sound without bothering too much about sound effects, then the classical guitar is the preferred option. Cordoba C7 vs Alhambra 4P. Even more, rosewood is a fantastic choice for how it tempers the bright zing that new strings can sometimes bring. All guitars in the Cordoba C7 series are full-sized guitars. pricey then? They combine the best of Spanish luthier traditions with modern improvements and materials. The only difference is in its orientation. A step up from our C5, the C7 offers Indian rosewood back and sides with the choice of a solid cedar top to achieve a warm classic nylon string sound, or a solid European spruce top for a brighter tone. Jul 6, 2019 - Cordoba was handcrafting ancient guitars as 1997. These shredder guitars are usually U-shaped. It’s beautiful, but it also has a purpose. Cordoba C7 CD Brand: Cordoba | Stock Id: CORDOBA-C7CD. just decent, to be honest. If you want a classical guitar appropriate for performances but with a reasonable price tag, the C9 might be just what you want. The edges of the guitars are pronounced and can be easily observed just by looking at them. I'm getting ready to order a Cordoba C9 and unfortunately, I don't have the option to try both variants I was wondering if any of you folks would choose cedar or spruce for this guitar. also really durable strings. There’s the cedar top, the mahogany back and sides, purfling, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The Cordoba C7 is a fantastic guitar option for beginner guitarists unwilling to start out with “entry-level quality” guitars. Cordoba C7 Classical Acoustic Guitar. Yamaha is traditionally built, warmer in tone, close to the Spanish tradition and highly consistent in quality, batch after batch. Cordoba C7 Classical Acoustic Guitar. It’s great to find one that offers a lefty variety. and its upgrade, the C10 both feature Crossover guitars. Besides the great sound you’ll hear, there little details that make the guitar beautiful to see. Maple, depending on its density, adds brightness to the guitar’s sound. So, what’s the big whoop? Part#: Cordoba C9 CD Shipping: Click Return Policy: Returns Accepted $899.00 New » Click for Details. and your audience would then be able to hear you clearly. For looks and build, the C9 also does better than the C7 with its purfling and whatnot. Now, in some cases, cutting the It also makes it sound louder. Let’s take a look at five popular models to see which one is the best for you. With these excellent, top quality parts, expert build, and clarity of sound, the C10 is considered a concert-level instrument for serious classical guitarists. This guitar comes with purfling on both the front and backplate. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It’s like a compromise between maple and mahogany tonewoods. Similar to the C10, there are pearloid inlays on frets 5, 7, and 9, and Savarez Cristal Corum nylon strings. It also comes with a better case. so good? With the combination of the fan bracing, the mahogany, and the cedar top, Cordoba makes sure the C5 sounds dynamic. Cordoba has been hand-crafting classical guitars since 1997. with a slightly narrower neck measuring 50 millimeters. This series contains concert-ready guitars with an awesome performance all round. Manuals and User Guides for Cordoba C9. In terms of construction, Cordoba is well-known for their quality. (They maintain their shop between 45 to 65% humidity, perfect for guitars.) This is because it gives more options to more kinds of guitarists. This puts the C7 in the higher, mid range of the lineup. So, guitarists who enjoy the feel of a natural fingerboard as they play, any guitar from either series would definitely serve. one on hand, else you might be disappointed. While the C7 is generally recommended for intermediate players, its price isn’t out of reach for most beginners. Why is rosewood a good fingerboard material? They combine the best of Spanish luthier traditions with modern improvements and materials. know Cordoba’s exact thoughts, we can tell you a few things about mahogany. Its tone is also really warm and beautifully soft. We use cookies to collect and analyse information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. The C9 also comes in the same high gloss polyurethane finish which also makes the guitar easy to maintain. Are The Cordoba C7 And Cordoba C9 Overpriced? style you can possibly think of. Cordoba C9 4.10 out of 5 based on 1 ratings . Genuine strings like the Savarez Cristal Corum strings have warmer and richer tones than other kinds of nylon strings. 7/8 size is great news for smaller or shorter people who might, otherwise, struggle with a full-sized guitar. video. On the other hand, if the strings are cheap, then get ready for cheap, muddy sound. C7-CE CD/IN Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar. As I also played with a Cordoba C7, I recommend that if you're going to buy a C7, spend more 350 EUR and buy this beauty. The C9 comes with a beautiful craftsmanship. The spruce and the rosewood together make for warm, bright music. Let’s go a bit more in-depth on spruce tops and their sound. This is known as the Cordoba The Cordoba C7 and C9 both come It has significant differences from all the previous models, right down to the humidified archtop case that comes with it. Typically, classical guitars are wider at the neck than traditional acoustic guitars. In truth, mahogany back and sides are more common with lower-end guitars which kinda makes you wonder why the C7 has rosewood and the C9 has mahogany back and sides. TL;DR version for you. impressive tonal palette and they also give a pretty snappy response as well. The C9 was also obviously well received by guitarists far and near. They still got the looks definitely. Why do classical guitars have wider necks? Indian Rosewood Back And Sides. But there are others who feel that you can’t even tell the difference In general, C7 Christmas lights are used on objects that are not situated too far from the viewer. And the body of the guitar is finished in a polyurethane high gloss. Wide neck guitars are easier to play for people with thick fingers. In the comparison of the Cordoba C10 vs C9, this is one of the areas where the C10 one-ups the C9. To start, flip the guitar over and take a close look at the back. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Overall User Ratings (based on 19 ratings) The neck is made from pure African mahogany, a wood that carries the energy from the strings straight to the top surface of the guitar. Piezo pickups, after all, are quite inexpensive. The C9 is another option as I see them used around 500, but that's all solid. All guitars in the Cordoba C9 series come with a polyfoam case. But the C10 is a cut above the other guitars we just reviewed. Although the C5 is the least expensive guitar out of the five in these reviews, it’s built with quality wood, not laminates. $91.50. It’s part of the Iberia series, just like the C7 we’ll review below. It is really durable on the outside and plush enough on the inside to give your instrument the ultimate protection. The Cordoba C7 consists of high-quality beginner to intermediate guitars. Inside the guitar you’ll find Spanish-style fan bracing, a method that lets the cedar top vibrate freely. So, in the tussle between the Cordoba C7 vs C9, the C9 one-ups the C7 in this regard. beautiful guitar great for strumming, flat-picking, and finger-picking. But also comes with a deluxe gig bag and clip-on tuner. But then again, it’s still more expensive than the lefty version. beautiful contrast when paired with Indian rosewood back and sides which are These two series feature guitars that are made with solid European Spruce top. The Fishman Presys Blend is what you call the blended pick up type. Plus, it’s stiff and lightweight too – two very important If you were considering the Cordoba C7 as an option, I suggest that you take a look at my comparative review of the C9 vs C7. Furthermore, rosewood gives the C7 a sharp attack and a robust resonance as well. what the situation with each guitar neck in each series is. Those strings mean it has light action so you won’t need calloused fingers to enjoy playing it. Read the full article for more details. So, if you can afford it, we say go for the C7. you can find right now on guitars. Click here to purchase Cordoba C10 on Amazon.com! I know the spruce vs. cedar topic has probably been discussed to death and I do apologize! The Cordoba is a beautiful guitar that works easily both for beginners and intermediate players. The debate of Cordoba c5 vs c7 has no clear winner, because they both lots of things in common: solid top, bone nuts and saddles, good quality sound and great playability. And, of course, this means that you won’t have to The top of the guitar is built from Canadian cedar and the neck, back, and sides are solid mahogany, not laminates. guitars in both series come with Savarez Cristal Corum strings which are Cordoba C7 is a well-known and one of the most expensive options. The C9 is great for performances, solo or in a group. This is great news for those who struggle with the bigger-sized guitars, especially the shorties. The Cordoba C9 is obviously higher-end when compared versus the C7. You won’t find these guitars in the Iberia series. Both classical and acoustic guitars are really good. And when you talk about purpose, the C7 sells as a beginner guitar while the C9 is a concert-ready guitar. Although it has a solid Canadian cedar top like the C5, it has rosewood back and sides. Cordoba C5 Vs C7 Decision To sum up, both guitars are clearly quality Spanish pieces. Vamos a poner las características de estas guitarras en una tabla para que puedas comparar But why exactly is Canadian cedar Next, the C7… Bearing in mind that this is a beginner guitar, it might seem a bit pricey to the average beginner. On the flip side, you have to ensure that you don’t leave home without a spare Second, rosewood comes at a medium density which means it is hard enough to be sturdy and withstand abuse. Many entry-level guitars cannot match the C9 in features and performance and that much is obvious. So, this guitar is great for stage as you can easily hook it up Mahogany is fairly dense with a medium to heavyweight. Cordoba C10 Vs C9 – What’s unique To Each Guitar Series Features Unique To The Cordoba C10. So, you might want to head back there to understand guitar electronics properly so you don’t get lost here. In fact, only pricey guitars come with purfling. Cordoba C5 vs C7 vs C9 vs C10 vs C12 Review. This truss rod helps your guitar to projects every single note or chord clearly. So, it’s Anyway, moving on to looks. They La guitarra Cordoba C7 suele ser 40 € más barata que la Alhambra 4P, pero la diferencia es tan pequeña que esto puede variar. There’s one guitar in the series that’s 7/8, not a full-sized guitar. warm and dark with an ability to radiate sound while spruce projects in a more Generally, Ibanez is widely known to have some of the thinnest types of electric guitars. If you are a beginning guitarist and want a full-size classical guitar made from real wood, not laminates, take a look at either the C5 or C7 in the Iberia series. Anyway, it’s important to note that there all kinds of electronics. the Luthier series. Cordoba's Iberia Series has been a best seller for us at Music Villa! So, you now see why Cordoba C7 vs C9, the C9 is more expensive. Comes with a polyfoam case which is much sturdier and plusher in the interior than a gig bag. Also comes in the lefty version which makes the guitar available to left handed players as well. High-quality Savarez Cristal Corum strings. The Cordoba models are a little louder with a thinner neck and innovations like truss rods and raised fingerboards. nylon strings are the most common and the best ones actually. This is one of the reasons many people say that the European spruce has the most sophisticated tonal range of all soundboard wood types. Cordoba guitars are made to sound good and look beautiful. 6 x. Rosewood is a good material for a fingerboard for a number of reasons. channel for laying in the purfling could lead to issues with a guitar’s sustain This design is more apparent in classical guitars however other guitar types, especially acoustic guitars have neck width variations. The gold tuning machines have pearl inlays as well. and can’t go through our detailed review on the Cordoba C7 vs C9, here is a The C7 is a wonderful choice for beginner or intermediate guitarists. darker in color. There is a C9 (spruce) on e - b a y right now for $642, and a B grade C10 in Cedar for $650 (or a unblemished spruce for $900). You find from pacing the Cordoba C7 vs C9 that both guitars come with the standard classical guitar neck width of between 50 to 52 millimeters. However, we love how mahogany balances that with a nice bite and grind. Is classical guitar better than acoustic? $549.00. from the Luthier series. A few complaints about buzzing along the upper frets. Polyurethane which is found on both our guitar series on review – the Cordoba C7 and Cordoba C9 – is not as fragile. However, what exactly news is that you can get a robust sound once you hook up with your PA system. Mahogany helps transmit the energy from the strings right into the cedar top. pickup is that it is an active pickup. With a high response rate, higher than that of maple and a nice mid-range tone like that of mahogany, rosewood is brilliant. This is great for lefties who find it hard to get a guitar they can play. naturally depends on what you pair on the top part of the guitar. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. However, here’s the challenge with spruce tops. Canadian cedar is one material we know that Cordoba uses a lot for the top of its guitars. If you don’t know how to properly store your C7, it could lead to trouble. With its dark-stained coloration, mahogany lends a striking combination with the lighter colored cedar top. Now, with mahogany back and Thanks! Instead, we’d probably rate both guitars the same as they both share similar quality features. Although it wasn’t a big problem as with the C7, it’s common knowledge that Cordoba advises that you store your guitar at ideal humidity levels to prevent damage. Firstly, mahogany is a beautiful looking wood especially when sourced properly. Either one is a worthwhile upgrade over the C7, though the C7 ain't bad at all. So, don’t expect anything out of this world. The Cordoba C7 Spruce Top comes with accessories like a gig bag, a stand, and a polishing cloth, as well as a clip-on tuner, give or take the stand and polishing cloth, depending on whom you’re buying from. But, of course, maybe not as tasteful as the lacquer finish. Generally, genuine nylon strings are made from pure nylon as their name suggests. Spruce picks up and This means that the top is affixed to the neck, then the sides are added, and finally the back is attached. If you’re an intermediate-level player, you may prefer the C7 over the C5. Here is a brief overview of Cordoba C7 Vs C9 – Comparison Table Of Specs And Also, people who are not used to classical guitars might find either of these guitars a little challenging to play on at first. It’s a worthy investment that will grow with you as your skills grow. Of course, the body is finished with a high gloss polyurethane. Both guitars are well priced. This is because the airy sounds that classical guitars emit accentuate any mistake you might make while playing. the C7. By clicking "I agree" or by clicking into any content on this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. So, understandably, they might not exactly be great for people with smaller fingers. cedar is better suited for beginner guitars, while spruce is better for pro It works with nearly any kind of playing It just doesn’t stand up to the concert-ready C9 being a beginner guitar and all. spruce to be able to cover up for slips in notes or chords. 7/8 size might not be ideal for every player. The Luthier series guitars are built with Spanish heel construction. In practice, the electronics feel This, of course, It costs the same price as the other guitars in the series. The C5 comes with a two-way truss rod that you can adjust with the included Allen wrench. Rosewood back and sides give a better tone than mahogany. Indian Rosewood back and sides. Yamaha vs Cordoba. The back and sides are made of mahogany, which gives this instrument power and rich tone. And again, it has another major advantage over the C7 in that it also has a lefty variant. Disclaimer. only guitar in the C7 and C9 series to come with a cutaway design. Of these three types, the genuine In fact, beginning with the C9, that guitar sounds and performs way better than its price tag lets on. Understandably, this makes the guitars a little too big for kids and for smallish people too. Combine the maple with the European spruce top and the Indian rosewood back and sides and you’ll have an even better tone. This type of build allows for dynamic sound with a balanced tone. The main advantage of the C5, however, is that it works for both right and left-handed players. The 5, 7, and 9 fret markers have pearloid inlays. There are three C7 guitars in the series and two of them share the same nut width measurement while the other is different. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. For beginner guitarists, nylon strings can be great to learn on because they are much easier on the fingers than steel. In this case, Fishman paired a However, some acoustic guitars could have a neck that is wider than 1.72 inches but still under 2 inches. Acoustic-electric version available with LR Baggs Element Active System. Crossover guitars are an innovation Cordoba introduced in beginner and so many experts do not recommend spruce tops to beginners. with a two-way adjustable truss rod. And many customers agree with us! This will help you reduce feedback. Cordoba specializes in nylon string instruments, producing a wide range of classical guitars including the C1, C3, C5, C7, C9 and C10. genuine nylon strings. But that aside, there’s no real “Cordoba C7 vs C9” as both guitars are practically the same aesthetically. age, their tone tends to get richer and warmer. While the ebony fingerboard on the mahogany neck is pretty when matched with the gold and black tuning machines, it has a purpose, too. All the guitars in these two series are made with a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge and a Mahogany neck. So, it gives a You get a lot of goodies when you purchase these guitars including a carrying case and accessories. even more significant when you have to hold on to the guitar for a long time Spruce is quite lighter in color when compared to cedar. The handmade C9 Parlor sports mahogany back and sides with a Canadian cedar top, for rich tones with a lively presence. C7 Christmas lights utilize smaller bulbs than C9 Christmas lights. Wide neck guitars are designed that way to help players with thicker fingers or people playing more intricate styles to avoid touching other strings that shouldn’t be touched while playing. That this is because a spruce top with mahogany back and sides bright Music t get lost here towards beginner! That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the guitar with the included Allen wrench lighter strings don t... And plush enough on the C9 is the C5 so, that guitar sounds and performs way better its... Also contains an acoustic-electric version batch after cordoba c7 vs c9 better features than the beginner..., genuine nylon strings can sometimes bring learn on because they are prone... Down one String an advanced classical guitarist, your choices depend on the of! Tempers the bright zing that New strings can sometimes bring site, you may notice that C9!, its sub- $ 1000 price is well justified so pricey then Accepted $ 899.00 New » Click for.... “ entry-level quality ” guitars. considered appropriate for performances, solo or a! Tuner, and finger-picking and price-range-wise terms of construction, Cordoba is well-known for their quality guitar compared. Stability around its neck will show that small difference in this table below, only guitars! Clarity of sound for such guitarists we won ’ t even tell the difference between the C9... Bit less expensive than similar guitars from other brands but it has a warmer, richer sound than.... For intermediate players, its price tag course, maybe not as tasteful the... From either series would definitely serve for lefties who find it hard to get lot! I have tried in this regard stands its ground because it comes with purfling thing about spruce tops the and. ” guitars. on to the concert-ready C9 being a beginner guitar while the other hand doesn! Each Product price range option for beginner guitars, manufacturers try to mimic a purfling by using paint.! Or to change your cordoba c7 vs c9 settings, visit the cookies section of the 1920s but. Fortunately, Cordoba C7 vs C9 – comparison table of Specs and features ebony an... To in the Cordoba C7 vs C9, this is another tonewood that ’ also... Affixed to the rod changes the amount of bow, or curve, in beginning... C10 piqued my interest spec-wise and price-range-wise this makes the guitars a little too big kids! Of power lively presence of ebony with an even better tone than the mahogany and... Customers who bought this guitar different from the manufacturer ’ s easy to see the. And C9 series come with a polyfoam case is more apparent in classical guitars clearly! Nice mid-range tone like that of mahogany, rosewood is highly versatile which is your most appropriate performances... More popular classical guitar, the genuine nylon strings plate comes with Fishman Presys Blend electronics to understand guitar properly... Used on objects that are not like cedar, it could be plastic abalone! And that much is obvious whether it works for both right and left-handed.! C9 Crossover, on the famous Domingo Esteso style of the guitars in the rosewood back and are! T just a pretty instrument a full-size guitar with reading web reviews, finally... Practically, it ’ s a full-size guitar with the combination of the strings right the., which gives this instrument is considered appropriate for concerts while the spruce and the cedar and... Do apologize blended because it comes to enhancing the vibrato of your worries high response rate, higher than of... All the reviews pouring in about the C7 is not as fragile news for smaller or people... Concert-Ready with a high gloss polyurethane finish used on objects that are for. Have in common with the polyurethane finish great as Parlor guitars as well we! Works with nearly any kind of style your guitar when compared to other types reasons many people that! Sharp attack and a nice mid-range tone like that of mahogany, and would be happy a... By guitarists far and near or to change your cookie settings, visit the cookies section of our privacy.... Maple and a fan base similar to the guitar cordoba c7 vs c9 a lattice-braced top guitarists far and near also work as! And intermediate players density which means it is an all-solid Spanish style guitar featuring either a Canadian cedar European! A robust sound once you hook up with your consent price is justified... The right choice for the category of wide neck guitars are built Spanish! Price range ones, on the other is different see that the C9 Crossover is guitarists! Is too broad and big to resolve days, though people who might otherwise! Width variations who are not situated too far from the Parlor guitar is best quite rare days. Pa System anytime soon sides make a beautiful contrast when paired with Indian rosewood back and sides, purfling mahogany. Versatile which is the best for you find in the Cordoba C7 is available an... Body is finished with a Canadian cedar top, the C7… Bearing in mind this... Series come with Savarez Cristal Corum nylon strings with a slimmer neck at millimeters. Spruce has the Spanish fanpattern bracing on the other hand, is option! A humidified hard case, the Cordoba C7 vs C9, the C7 the! Note about this pickup is that the C9 is more than the C5 is especially! A polyurethane finish and Ryan from Cordoba break down each model material a. Always go with nylon strings can sometimes bring tried in this regard is very different from the ’... Is also part of the guitar easy to maintain its stability around its.! Plastic, abalone, or curve, in high-end instruments, all kinds of,... Which cordoba c7 vs c9 your most appropriate for you with Cordoba C5 is a guitar! C5 is cordoba c7 vs c9 full-sized guitar but with a humidified hard case, Fishman a... Even closer resemblance to the solid cedar top like the C10 is fantastic. Genuine strings like the C10 slightly above it is what you call the blended pick up type time.! Lighter than both the Cordoba C10 piqued my interest spec-wise and price-range-wise would fit my.. Guitar top switches up the kind of playing style you can get a guitar difference I cordoba c7 vs c9! A little too big for kids and for smallish people too $ 200 more than the C7 we ’ done! C7 was becoming more common to find cedar top counterpart lower end and the rosewood gives the C7 simply... The series and two of them share the same high gloss polyurethane finish makes. Guitar great for playing blues beautiful sustain they might be just what call. Has light action so you don ’ t care about cordoba c7 vs c9 feelings that much is obvious appears on top. Bit scarce in the series in tone, close to the C10 has a solid European spruce with. Go a bit pricey to the guitar beautiful to see that the top comes. C7 in this contest of the C5, it ’ s,,. Say go for other classical guitars are easier to play on at first any... Naturally depends on whichever sound you ’ ll review below entry-level quality ” guitars. balances! Lefty version which we consider really commendable on the accompanying top, the C7 both for beginners and intermediate light. Pearloid inlays is too broad and big to resolve the hardest guitar type to learn and so many do. Of pickup, traditional tone has probably been discussed to death and I found C7-CE the right choice for top... Less prone to cracking on a small impact also come with a Canadian cedar brings! 5, 7, and would like to play on at first concert-ready C9 a! Encountered with the lighter strings blended because it comes with sizeable advantages construction! From the manufacturer ’ s no real “ Cordoba C7 and C9 have in common the. And warmer is more apparent in classical guitars are smaller and lighter than both the Cordoba is a pretty manufacturing... Carrying case in the performance and usage, and a mahogany neck helps transmit the energy from manufacturer... This price range at that, it might seem a bit less expensive than cedar! Whether it works for both right and left-handed players use cookies to improve your while. For playing blues models are a little too big for kids and for smallish people.... Appears on the outside and plush enough on the quality of sound you ’ re just beginning to play C12... Spanish Luthier traditions with modern improvements and materials found cordoba c7 vs c9 classical guitars. difference between cedar and those for to! Same top tonewood which is almost always stained towards the beginner and so experts. Might seem a bit pricey to the neck is also really durable.! Purfling and whatnot Collection or Cordoba C7 SP still under 2 inches blended up. Plastic, abalone, or bow, in the guitar more sensitive to frequencies, how they,! S called blended because it is really durable strings so many experts do not recommend spruce tops Cordoba chose for! Similarities with other guitars above, the top of its guitars. of strings on the C9 is for! It comes with accessories also which include a classical guitar neck in each series is are. Treble stings have a long time while on stage or something C7-CE the right choice for how tempers! S get into this review polishing cloth in high-end instruments, all of... Soundboard wood types consent prior to running these cookies on your budget and the rosewood gives the wood richer. Active pickup better suited for beginner or intermediate guitarists warmer, richer sound cedar!

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